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Our Story

Hey, I’m Nicole- the CEO, owner, designer, marketing manager, customer service representative, etc etc etc of Cay + Col.

First of all, I’m born and raised in Hawaii but have moved around a bit with my family. My heart is in Hawaii and with all the moving, I’ve found myself constantly trying to reconnect with my roots. The journey began in 2016 with hand-stamped swaddle blankets that were fully customizable and truly unique. As time went on, simple clutches were added that featured Hawaii’s beautiful aloha print that I have been drawn to all my life. A few months later, the hand-stamped swaddles switched to custom designed baby blankets and the I started designing my own aloha print fabric for handbags. Cay + Col made waves with the fully customized blankets and the vibrant aloha print handbags were rising in popularity. As every business grows, along comes growing pains! Growth is hardly ever easy and resulted in a hiatus as well as the announcement of business closure in Summer 2018. Knowing myself, I could never truly let Cay + Col go and the reopening happened in Fall 2018.

I pride myself in originality and quality so I take being replicated personally. As a result, I took some time to reevaluate the direction I want Cay + Col to go in, refreshed my brand and products, and got my head (and heart) back in the game. I’m a wife and a mom of 3 incredible boys and being able to be present for them is my daily drive. I started my business to be able to work from home and have the flexibility to be with them at the times they needed me most. I have a true passion for creating and sharing my skills with the world. Cay + Col gives me the opportunity to do what I love and meet incredible people along the way!

Cay + Col longtime customers have seen the highs and lows over the years and I feel blessed to be able to continue to create.