Our COVID-19 response

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Our COVID-19 Response

Miss Rona came at the worst possible time- amiright?! I had JUST launched my largest collection every and she was like, NOT TODAY HUNNAY!

All jokes aside, Cay + Col felt a huge social responsibility to contribute. I took on a task far greater than I could handle in an effort to help however I could.

Individually Cay + Col donated over 1,200 masks and orchestrated the import and distribution of 5,000 masks. Masks went to hospitals, restaurants, essential retail stores, and to community members needing masks.

There were lots of delays and bumps that were out of our control but I’m proud of what Cay + Col was able to do and what the small business community did as a whole. I’m beyond grateful for the support received and definitely feel like this was one of the hardest things my business has ever experienced. My heart is with those personally affected by COVID-19, doctors, nurses, teachers, janitors, and all essential workers. 

Stay healthy,

Nicole Anetipa, CEO of Cay + Col